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Welfare & Safeguarding

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Boston Sub Aqua Club Welfare & Policies 

Welfare & Safeguarding Policies

Boston Sub Aqua Club has adopted the BSAC Buddyguard policy and all our members conform to this.

The Boston Sub Aqua Club Welfare Officer.

The Welfare Officer is elected to the Committee by the club members at the AGM. Our current Welfare Officer is Caroline Relton. Her contact details are displayed on the “Meet Your Committee” gallery board in the clubhouse and are available in the “Members Area” on this website. Should you have any concerns or issues please don’t hesitate to contact Caroline. Your concerns will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

The Welfare Officer is responsible for:

1. Being the primary contact for any club member who may have issues or concerns.
2. Maintaining confidential records and ensuring the appropriate action is taken for any reported safeguarding issues.
3. Liaising with BSAC HQ and the relevant authorities on the protection of children & vulnerable adults.
4. Implementing and promoting the clubs policies and procedures and communicating with club members to ensure best practice is followed at all times.
5. Keeping the club and its members up to date on the latest developments in safeguarding and making sure the club and its members are aware of all the latest policies in relation to data protection, confidentiality and any other legal issues that may affect the protection of children and vulnerable adults.

DBS (Disclosure Baring Service) formerly known as a CRB check.
All Boston Sub Aqua Club Instructors are DBS checked. This check is renewed every 3 years in line with BSAC Safeguarding policy. A DBS ensures there is no previous history that would prevent an Instructor training children or vulnerable adults.

BSAC Safeguarding Of Children and Vulnerable Adults
We as a club, and BSAC as our governing body take the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults extremely seriously. BSAC have worked alongside the following organisations whilst compiling the Buddyguard Safeguarding policy:

ASA (The Amateur Swimming Association)
NSPCC (The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)
CSPU (The Child Protection in Sport Unit)
DBS (The Disclosure and Barring Service)

Boston Sub Aqua Club Safeguarding Policy

Boston Sub Aqua Club is committed to providing an environment that is welcoming and safe for all and to ensure that anyone participating has a safe and enjoyable experience within our club. We have adopted and implemented the BSAC “Buddyguard” safeguarding policy.

We recognise that anyone taking part in club activities regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability or disability has a right to enjoy their participation in a safe environment and to be protected from harm and discrimination.

As a club we ensure all individuals within the club who work with children and vulnerable adults whether paid or on a voluntary basis provide a positive, safe and enjoyable experience.

We have appointed a dedicated Welfare Officer with the necessary skills and training as outlined by BSAC to take the lead in dealing with all and every safeguarding matter raised within our club.

We have ensured that the Welfare Officers name and contact details are clearly displayed on our “Meet Your Committee” Gallery board within our clubhouse and in the members area on our website. We also ensure that all new members or parents/guardians of Junior members and vulnerable adults are fully aware of who our Welfare Officer is and to contact them should they need to.

The Welfare Officer is always available to discuss issues of concern on matters of Safeguarding and to deal with them in line with the BSAC Buddyguard Policy.

As a club we ensure that all persons who work with children or vulnerable adults within the club have undertaken the appropriate training and have a current DBS check and they adhere to the required practices for safeguarding, this includes codes of conduct and good practice as outlined in the Buddyguard policy.

We ensure that all those who will be working with children or vulnerable adults within the Boston Sub Aqua Club have been recruited in accordance with the BSAC Safe Recruiting Policy.

We have put in place a system for all members or the parents/guardians of junior members or vulnerable adults to raise welfare concerns in a safe and confidential manner.

We will ensure that all safeguarding matters, whether they are concerned with welfare or protection, are dealt with appropriately in accordance with the guidance for reporting and action in the Buddyguard Policy.

We will ensure that confidentiality is maintained appropriately and in line with the best interest of the concerned parties and that all papers regarding safeguarding matters are held in a safe and secure manner.

Club Welfare Officer: Caroline Relton

Chair: Andy Ostridge

Date: 1st January 2022


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