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At what age can you start training with Boston Sub Aqua Club?

You can start training from 12 years old providing you have an adult who is already a club member. If you don’t have an existing adult as a club member  then you can start training from 14 years old.

Do I have to be a strong swimmer?

You do have to be a reasonably good swimmer (you need to be able to swim eight lengths of a 25 metre pool non stop)

Are there any medical issues that would prevent me from doing Scuba Diving?

There are some medical issues that can prevent you from diving. All new trainees are required to fill out a self declared medical form before starting their training. If you have to answer yes to any of the questions don’t worry, it just means you may have to get a BSAC Medical Referee to sign you off as fit to dive before you start training.

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